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Our team makes sure everything is done step by step and well organized to keep the work and worksite process running as smoothly as possible. we do dry-wall replacement, drywall finishing, and drywall repair and give help from our professionals on what is needed to give you amazing results. we caulk everything that needs caulking and prep everything before applying paint so we get everything done the first time and give you clean professionally done results. we make sure our customers see the difference before and after we get started.

Classic Interior

Work in furnished homes

Work in new construction homes


Dry-wall repair


Ceiling texture 



Walls coated properly

Clean straight lines 



Wall-paper removal

interior steps

1. We come by get everything ready and prep. We cover all the floors when painting near,  plastic wrap furnished homes, and cover anything that needs cover.

2. We inspect all the walls,  we dry-wall repair we mud all cracks, holes, scrape bumps, or anything to create a smooth flat wall surface creating a brand new dry wall look. we caulk everything that needs caulk to have shoe moles, walls, window casings, and baseboards to keep them sealed and give it an awesome homie look.

3. Apply paint that you have chosen. add layers of paint till coated properly enough.

4. We will clean up daily before leaving your property and and day of completion leaving your home and property as was. 

5. after completion we will do final inspection with homeowner to get approval of finished work.


 What differs us from other painting companies when it comes to exterior painting is first-Rate painting always uses brush & roller, other than spraying and that reason is it is a cleaner way of getting your house painted more sufficiently with no errors. paint covers more and seals whatever the paint is being applied to better due to the roller and brush adding the thick amount of paint, unlike spraying which also uses more paint so you'd be saving paint and money. 

house paint color.jpeg

Work clean



Window Casings


Garage doors

Wood replace







Decks & Pergolas


Fences & Railings

exterior steps

1. We come by get everything ready and prep. We set up our equipment station outside your house by your choice of what spot is best for you and our team members.

2.We go all around the house and prep it before applying the paint you have chosen, we caulk all holes, cracks, and nail pops on the soffit, trim, facia, and siding cracks. we also scrape and sand everything that need to be scraped on chipped paint and paint that is peeling off and add caulk around the perimeter of the chipped paint so when dry and applied the paint stays sealed and is more long-lasting so it don't peal off anymore.

3. After everything has been prepped we start applying paint on the trim, fascia, soffit, windows, window casings, crown, balcony, pillars, etc. We then begin applying paint on the siding, cutting straight lines from the trim or any opposing color. we apply as many coats until the paint is properly covered.

4. After everything has been done and completed we do a final inspection with the homeowner to make sure everything is in place and work is done right and get your approval.

5. After your approval we pack up our equipment and clean up and leave everything how it was.


  Painting your cabinet is a fantastic way to save money with factory cabinet results other than buying a new set of cabinets. we cover every surface including floors, countertops, backsplash, and walls and we seal the whole kitchen off apart from the rest of your home. we set up a ventilation area so it reduces the smell of lacquer and helps with the dust after so much sanding. we also remove and clean the grease before any further process is done to your cabinets. we use the best quality primer and paint to get your job done for a more lasting over time results our team specializes in leaving your cabinets with factory finish results with a special spray application and our professional trusted crew members.

Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets

Vacuum Dust  

Bathroom cabinets 

Remove grease

Update cabinet hardware

Sprayed painting 


Seal work area

New cabinet bumpers

Sanding 3x

Clean job

Delicate work

Air ventilation


Luminate cabinets

Remove hardware


cabinet steps

1. We come by get everything ready and start with the prep phase. we cover up backsplash, floor, walls, and counter tops and seal off the whole room apart from your home. 

2. We set a ventilation area towards the nearest window or door.

3. We start wiping the grease off with a special spray meant to remove grease and sand away.

4. We vacuum off the dust 

5. We prime your cabinet 2x to provide a better adhesion between the surface and the top coat of paint added to your cabinet causing a smoother and flat surface in the end results.

6. We start applying the paint you chose and add as many layers as needed to give off a strong clean paint finish.

7. We take cabinet doors and work on them lightly and apart form your home or work area depending on the job site.

8.We install your cabinet door after finished.

9.Clean up and leave everything as was with a beautiful finished product, you'd be amazed how different your cabinet and kitchen will end up.



 We offer stain consultations & give you test samples to help you choose a color that best fits your style when there are numerous amounts to choose from. 

You can stain over paint just keep in mind you won't get the same exact results as you would opposed to staining over raw wood you would get a lighter color other than applying to fresh raw wood. stain penetrates through the wood protecting the wood and sealing it off with a glossy look and is more durable than paint especially in natural light, hot weather, or nasty weather conditions unlike paint is durable and looks great but it don't give it as long-lasting when applied to wood since paint just seals the wood and hides the natural wood and stain is very porous on wood.

Varnishing the Deck






Balcony ceilings 

Clean work, no messes

1. We come by get everything ready and start with the prep phase. we cover up evrything around the work area at all times.

2.We start sanding or use a chemical strip depending on the project to remove the old finish and so the wood absorbs the stain better. 

3.We apply sanding sealer, sanding sealer reacts like primer but for wood and helps the stain penetrate better and helps with its natural color since we are working over old finished products. 

4.We start applying the stain that you have chosen.

5.We apply a light polyurethane sealer or clear varnish to the wood with a brush to give it an extra layer of protection and a shine that will last for years.

6.We clean up

7.Final inspection

staining steps
Power Washing Bench
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