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Indy's Premier Painting Company Since 2020

Francisco, owner of First-Rate Painting & drywall founded his company in the year 2020. Although we are still a growing company, Francisco has 7 years of experience in the painting industry. excellent work and integrity throughout our working environment is always our focus this includes interior, exterior, cabinet, staining, and drywall, and drywall finishing. We have a clear vision of what our company has to offer.

 Spreading paint everywhere
Our Purpose & Goals 

Our purpose here at First-Rate Painting is to complete your project in the best way possible. As our slogan says "We don't just paint we redefine and paint" We look for the best options and what path to take in order to finish your project with complete client satisfaction and excellent end results. Provide top-quality painting from our Firs-Rate Painters we provide color consultations, good communication with homeowners, and break down every step of your project and keep you updated through it. we try our best to give you top work for the best pricing!

Our goals here at First-Rate Painting are to redefine your home and bring your project back to life we wanna grow and spread that feeling of making a spot feel more like your homie's residential area and welcoming by spreading paint/stain everywhere. our primary objective and long-term vision is to grow and make our community look at its best and to protect and shield your home with all products chosen by the homeowner choice. we want to take on all jobs from residential to commercial, to your city and community uprising as one big community. we seek for great reputation and purely excellence only and can't settle for less.

First-Rate Painting basis & principles
  • Deliver What We Promise

The promises made to First-Rate Painting customers are a priority. From the timing of your project to the budget, our locally owned business.

  • Have Pride in What You Do

While working with your home or business First-Rate Painting takes great pride in the smallest details, giving every space the attention it deserves.

  • Respect the Individual

It’s important to us that First-Rate Painting customers, employees, and franchisees all feel valued and respected throughout every interaction with First-Rate Painting.

  • Practice Continuous Improvement

We are always thinking about improving your experience with First-Rate Painting — from how we communicate and collaborate with you to expert painting techniques.

  • Embrace Possibilities

Innovation is key to our growth at First-Rate Painting. By exploring new ideas, we are always pursuing a better customer experience.

It's as easy getting getting started with us as...

Schedule a free, no obligation estimate by calling or texting us at 317-531-0880.

you can also email for a quote or questions.

Complete an in home estimate where we will uncover the details of your project informing you of products and consult you on what can be done for the project.

Set a date for

First-Rate painters to come by to start on your project. we will greet with the homeowners and set a station to begin.

Come by greet the homeowners and get things started. when job is finished we will then do a inspection with homeowners to get approval

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